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Author Topic: Fukushima: hell continues  (Read 157 times)

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Fukushima: hell continues
« on: November 16, 2015, 03:41:20 pm »
While COP21 mobilize all the controversies, since the nuclear lobby claiming it is prompted to save the climate, the devastated Fukushima plant is sinking more and more into the ground, in a general indifference.

Indeed, while the Japanese authorities are putting the pressure to force people to return to their towns, their villages, despite enduring nuclear pollution, experts note that the devastated nuclear site is sinking slowly, more or less according deeply the buildings.

From the beginning of the disaster, the center had collapsed by about 70 cm, but it is only November 5, 2015 that the operator has confirmed giving some more details.

Indeed, at Tepco admitted that there was uneven settlement from one building to another, as can be judged on this picture.

Then in 2013, following the typhoon "Whipha" a landslide had occurred, and two workers of the nuclear site had tweeted about it, wondering at the silence of the operator.

Previously, we learned last spring that the amount of becquerels released into the Pacific took dramatic proportions, since in 314 days, 2.2 trillion Bq had joined the waters of the ocean, the period from 16 April 2014 to Feb. 23, 2015.

Indeed, if we are to believe Tepco, 10% of contaminated water flows directly into the Pacific waters, recognizing that the amount of tritium that leaked is 4 Bq 800 billion, but knowing concealment Previous whose operator is customary, we can imagine that the quantities actually released are more important.

Anyway, it will take years to understand the true environmental impact of Fukushima on the Pacific Ocean.

Besides, November 5, 2015 Tepco announced it had discovered a leak of contaminated water (picture) without being able to locate exactly, representing 7.2 billion Bq gamma radioactivity (strontium, cesium 134, cesium 137, and other nuclides the nature of which was not disclosed).

This would explain the monstrous peak of radioactivity reaching 9.4 Sv / h outside of the reactor containment No. 2 ... it was October 2, 2015.

While it is true that a dose of one sievert triggers vomiting, bleeding, but is not life threatening, a single dose of 5 sieverts would be fatal for 50% of those exposed within a month.

By comparison, during the Chernobyl disaster, the determining criterion evacuation of residents was 350 mSv exposure, according to the World Nuclear Association.

Another episode had been ignored, and was unveiled in a report published early 2014: the explosion at the Japanese reactor plant, the US aircraft carrier, the USS Ronald Reagan, crossed 2 miles away, one participant called "Operation Friendship" which was to help the tsunami victims.

At worst moments, the 5500 sailors present on the ship saw wrapped in a warm fog, which had a "metallic taste" and realizing the danger, the ship took off, except that in the meantime, many sailors were affected by radioactivity from the plant, and it took subsequently wash the bridge from top to bottom aircraft carrier as can be seen on this picture.

Nevertheless Tepco and the US Navy officials contend that soldiers could not receive a high enough dose to cause concern ...

In any case, if we are to believe Global Research citing a recent report, Fukushima has now contaminated the 1/3 of the surface of the oceans in the world.

This report was published in July 2015, and obviously, this pollution continues to expand.

A confirmation has been given since traces of radioactivity, cesium 134 and 137, due to the Fukushima disaster have been detected in samples taken in February 2015 off Ucluelet, near Vancouver, Canada.

That said, it is relative, for if we are to believe the WCF, the waters of the English Channel are more radioactive than Fukushima.

It was during a collection dating from October 2012, and it is likely that this statement is no longer valid today.

Without handle a catastrophism unsavory, it is in March 2014 that the Robin des Bois association had ensured that there was a real health risk for American Pacific Rim.

The association president, Jacky Bonnemains recalls a sin bar in June 2013 was already contaminated at height of 1000 Bq per kilo, "the cesium 137 water of the Pacific Ocean concern (...) there will be concentration of radioactivity in the last links in the food chain (...) the sardines eat contaminated plankton. And then tuna, carnivorous fish will eat fish contaminated plankton.

Ultimately there will be concentration of radioactivity in these parts of the food chain (...) the fish migrate, they do not know the administrative borders. "

Result, the fish caught in the 4 corners of the planet will end up on our plates, and as Fukushima continue to spit its poison the food chain will be increasingly affected ...

In 2011, just after the disaster, Michelle Rivasi asked the European Union that European radioactivity limits are put in tune with those practiced in Japan, or for solids 500 Bq per kilogram.

Now 28 May 2014, Europe is well aligned with Japanese standards of food radioactive contamination imposed since the Fukushima disaster unless the meantime, Japan had raised the permitted threshold, from "permissible dose" of 1 mSv to 20 mSv / year.

But, as everyone knows, the standard, whatever it is, does not prevent the danger.

There are nevertheless good news: Pope Francis never ceases to amaze, since proof is said to be anti-nuclear ...

At a conference with the Japanese bishops, he compared nuclear energy to the Tower of Babel, saying, "humans should not break the laws of nature created by God.".

Not on this courageous position prevents buildings from the Japanese plant continue sinking or that the contaminated waters continue to pollute the Pacific.

Miracles have their limits ...

Moreover, in France, the highest peak of the state, a man continues to believe the nuclear myth.

As my old African friend: "When the elephant stumbles, ants suffer."
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