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Author Topic: Southeast Michigan just had one of the warmest winters ever  (Read 88 times)

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Southeast Michigan just had one of the warmest winters ever
« on: March 12, 2016, 05:16:29 pm »
Southeast Michigan just had one of the warmest winters since records began.

When we talk about warmest or coldest seasons, we usually treat the top five as something special. This winter in southeast Michigan can be considered special.

Detroit, Ann Arbor and Jackson all had their 5th warmest winter on record.

Remember, meteorological winter is December, January and February. We meteorologists start spring earlier than astronomers.

Detroit had an average temperature of 33.5° this winter. The warmest winter on record for Detroit was 36.9° back in 1881-1882. The last strong El Niño winter, 1997-1998, was only 0.3° warmer than this past winter.

Ann Arbor's average temperature this winter was 32.6°. This also is the 5th warmest winter on record for the Ann Arbor area.

Jackson averaged 31.7° for the entire winter, placing 5th warmest again.

Putting warmth in perspective

The historical average temperature for winter in southeast Lower is 27.9°. So this winter was about 5.5° warmer than average. That's a significant deviation from normal, especially when talking about three months of temperatures.

Last winter was 10.2° colder than this winter.

Here are some more staggering stats. December in Detroit had 30 days at 32° or warmer. Only one day remained below freezing.

The entire winter had 72 days out of 91 days that warmed to freezing or warmer.

23 days this winter made it at least into the 50s.

5 days this winter were warmer than 60°.

Will the warmth continue?

A recent, strange weather pattern to emerge is a strong Bermuda high. If this weather pattern continues, Michigan will be in for quite a summer.
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